At Tactus Therapy, we believe all people should get the therapy they need. We make affordable apps that let you decide when you want to practice and for how long. Now our apps are more accessible than ever as we proudly announce that our best-selling Language Therapy 4-in-1 app is now available for Android devices.

Language Therapy on Android

You can now use any of the 4 apps that make up Language Therapy on your Android tablet or smartphone, or Apple touchscreen device. Simply download the app from the right app store for your device: Google Play or iTunes App Store.

All of these evidence-based apps work the same way on each device. They all have full localization and translated tracks for Spanish, French, German, and English (US and UK variations). They have full customization to add your own items or select only the ones you want from the thousands of exercises included. With each app, you get beautifully clear photos, real human speech, and automated scoring with detailed reports. And once you buy an app, it’s yours forever – no costly subscriptions or data connection required.

A scientific study just published in the peer-reviewed journal Neuropsychological Rehabilitation shows that daily use of Language Therapy can make significant improvements in chronic aphasia!

Android and Apple

Try Language Therapy Lite for free, then download the full version of Language Therapy 4-in-1 or only the individual apps you need. Here are the links to each store:


android-iconGoogle Play offers apps for devices running the Android operating system.

Do More With Tactus Therapy

Each app in Language Therapy 4-in-1 is designed to be both intuitive enough to use independently as well as flexible enough to use creatively for a variety of goals. We’ve shown you 10 innovative ways to use Naming Therapy, with a free handout for you to download. You can use each of the other apps in the obvious ways, step down or step up the difficulty to make it easier or harder, and use the language and pictures provided to expand your therapy. Here’s how:

Comprehension Therapy

The Basics: Touch the picture that matches the word you hear or see. The app will auto-adjust the number of choices based on how you do.

Step Down: Visit the Settings to change the difficulty to Easy or limit the Field Size to 2 or 3.

Step Up: Visit the Settings to change the difficulty to Hard or set the Field Size to 6.

Do More: Before you touch the answer, call out each option on the screen. For a real challenge, try using the app in another language or accent!


Reading Therapy

The Basics: Touch the word or phrase that best matches or completes the given item.

Step Down: Visit the Settings to limit the Field Size to 2 or 3 options.

Step Up: Read each option aloud before selecting the correct answer.

Do More: Go back through each completed sentence and read it aloud as you change the verb tense to past, present, or future.


Writing Therapy

The Basics: Put the correct letters in place to spell the pictured word.

Step Down: Visit the Settings to limit the Number of Letters to 3 and 4, and be sure the difficulty on the Home screen is Easy.

Step Up: Visit the Settings to use only longer words (7, 8, 9, or 10+ letters), and choose the Hard difficulty.

Do More: Write the words on paper and make a sentence using each word.

Writing Therapy Steps

Learn how to do the evidence-based Anagram, Copy, and Recall Treatment using our Writing Therapy app for greater independence and convenience.

More Apps Coming Soon

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience as we create Android versions of more of our apps in 2016. If there’s an app you’d really like to use on Android, please let us know to help us prioritize.


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