Conversation Therapy by Tactus Therapy Solutions for Speech Therapy

Conversation Therapy is an app for iOS devices (e.g., iPads and iPhones) that prompts conversational speech. Each of the 300-plus topics in the app has a clear color photo and 10 question prompts.

A natural, easy conversation is one of the great joys of life. We open our mouths to communicate, and our thoughts pour out. We exchange ideas. We share. We learn from one another. It’s the most spontaneous thing in the world.

But this basic human experience isn’t easy for everyone. For someone who’s had a stroke, lives with autism, or struggles with an acquired or developmental speech or language impairment, conversation can be difficult and frustrating.

Some people can’t speak clearly after a stroke or a head injury, making it difficult for others to understand them. Their condition is called dysarthria. Others have trouble thinking of the right words to express their thoughts, or struggle to put their words into clear sentences. They’re said to have aphasia. Some people have difficulty taking turns, understanding sarcasm, or using or responding to the social cues we give one another all the time. This difficulty is referred to as a cognitive-communication disorder, or a pragmatic language impairment.

While the end goal of speech therapy is natural conversation, getting there isn’t easy. In addition to dealing with the ongoing functional challenges, clinicians may have trouble sparking new and interesting conversation with every patient they see throughout each day. Fresh, attention-grabbing topics may elude couples and family members who are very familiar with one another. Strangers who worry they have nothing in common may not know where to start.

There’s an App for That!

To help with this problem, a certified speech-language pathologist developed Conversation Therapy, an app for iOS devices (e.g., iPads and iPhones) that prompts conversational speech. Whether they’re older children, teens, or adults, Conversation Therapy gets people talking.

Each of the 300-plus topics in the app has a clear color photo and 10 question prompts. The topics are what people like to talk about—daily life, holidays, hobbies, activities, current events, social issues, problems, health concerns, and much more.

Read how Barbara gets the conversation started at home to help her husband, a stroke survivor with aphasia.

Effective and Versatile

Conversation Therapy is so versatile it can be used to address any speech therapy goal.

The app asks questions such as “What happened on your favorite birthday?” Depending on his or her specific goals, the user is encouraged to answer the question by making clear sounds, speaking slowly, making eye contact with the therapist or a partner, or using complete sentences—whatever he or she is working on at the time.

For each topic, the 10 prompts encourage the user to:

  • Discuss memories
  • Make decisions
  • Infer situations
  • Predict outcomes
  • Brainstorm options
  • Define concepts
  • and more.

No question in the app can be answered with a simple yes or no. The user is required to speak or write words, though he or she can supplement those words with drawings and gestures.

So much of speech therapy focuses on communicating basic needs or functional vocabulary, but most people really want to talk about their thoughts and feelings and share their experiences. See how much more motivated your clients become when you give them things to talk about that demonstrate their intelligence and spark their curiosity.

The Latest Release of Conversation Therapy

Speak Selection now works in Conversation Therapy

The questions in this recent release of Conversation Therapy can now be read aloud by the app using iOS’s built-in Speak Selection functionality. Tap any question with two fingers at the same time to select the whole prompt, then touch “Speak” to hear it read aloud.

Conversation Therapy offers some wonderful benefits for both therapists and clients:

  • Group sessions
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Separate scoring of each user’s goals
  • Customizing question prompts

The latest updates also add new functionality in the form of read-aloud questions and an astounding nine languages.

Read-Aloud Questions

Conversation Therapy now uses iOS’s built-in Speak Selection function to read questions aloud.

Tap any question with two fingers at the same time to select the whole prompt, then touch Speak to hear your device read the prompt aloud.

Though Conversation Therapy is meant to be used by two or more people at once, Speak Selection allows a user to work more independently with the app. There are several ways to use this new feature:

  • Repeating what the app says.
  • Setting the app to read just one word or the whole sentence in a prompt, to provide support while practicing reading aloud.
  • By listening to the questions before a therapy session, preparing and practicing for the conversation before it happens.

Nine Languages

Conversation Therapy is now also in Italian, Spanish, French, German, & Dutch

Conversation Therapy now includes an astounding nine languages, including Italian.

Speech-language pathologists in North America work with clients from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and professionals around the world serve clients in many languages.

That’s why Conversation Therapy is now available with nine language tracks:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Filipino
  • Zulu.

These language tracks make this powerful app accessible for million more people in their native tongue in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Philippines, South Africa, and more.

The language used for the basic operations and reports is English, but the more than 3,000 questions are available in each of the nine languages. You can choose your language in Settings; just look for the gear icon on the home screen.

We’re grateful to the many speech-language pathologists and families who have voluntarily provided many of these translations.

Free Update

Remember, the latest release of this versatile app is a free update for all current users of Conversation Therapy. You can try out all the features for free in Conversation Therapy Lite, then upgrade to the full app.

To purchase Conversation Therapy, you can download the app individually or get it bundled in the Tactus Collection Part 1 – Aphasia app bundle.

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