Tactus Therapy is proud to announce the release of a new app called Number Therapy. This professional speech therapy app has been designed specifically for people with aphasia to improve the essential skill of communicating numbers. And they are so excited to use it!

Number Therapy Launch

Visit the App Store to download Number Therapy on your iOS device. Try it for FREE by downloading Number Therapy Lite.

People with aphasia, a problem with language but not thinking, know what numbers are and what they mean. The problem comes when they go to say them aloud, or need to understand them when they’re spoken quickly.

Imagine receiving this important message:

“Your appointment is at 3:15 p.m. on August 3rd, 2015 at 1650 18th Avenue. Bring $5. Please call back to confirm at 785-5662.”

Now imagine you have aphasia and struggle to understand, write down, or relay the details.

This problem with numbers can be very frustrating and limit independence. When taking a phone message, scheduling an appointment, giving an address, or paying for items, having just one number wrong can cause a serious communication breakdown.

A Powerful New App

Number Therapy is an effective tool to practice number communication skills focusing on time, money, dates, phone numbers, and fractions in comprehension, speaking, and writing activities.

With 3 exercises, 3 presentation modes, 3 levels of difficulty, and 30 categories of numbers, Number Therapy gives you everything you need to improve number skills in the clinic and at home.


Built-in cues, recording, and scoring enable independent use, with the professional e-mail reports Tactus Therapy app users love. Special localization features adapt accent and currency for North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Exciting New Features

Based on initial user feedback from a select group of SLPs and people with aphasia, we’ve added 2 very cool features to the app beyond the thousands of exercises:

  • Custom Phone Numbers: Add your own important phone numbers to the app to practice saying and dialing the numbers correctly. Home, mobile, office, or emergency numbers – it’s up to you.
  • Recommendations: Based on how well you do, you’ll get customized recommendations at the end of each session for what to do next. If you want to make the Settings changes recommended, just press the Make This Change button. Easy!


A Functional Focus for Speech Therapy

Often it’s assumed that numbers have more to do with math than with language, but that’s not true. Numbers are everywhere in our world, and it’s so important to communicate them accurately. Ages, dates, times, amounts, and addresses – there’s no escaping numbers in our daily communication.

Numerical transcoding (3=three=“three”) is a skill that responds to hierarchical treatment, but it is time-intensive. People with aphasia want help in this area. Now SLPs are equipped to give them that help with this evidence-based app.

SLPs can use this app to work with clients of every level. Work on comprehension of numbers with people with more severe impairments. Many stroke survivors will benefit from naming numbers in Speak. For more mild cases of aphasia, using the app for listening to and dialing 10-digit phone numbers may be a great activity. Number Therapy also makes an ideal home program with the e-mail reports and built-in recommendations.

Start Using Number Therapy Today

Click here to download this great new app to start working on numbers right away. Try it out for yourself by downloading Number Therapy Lite for FREE on your device running iOS7 or newer.


If you represent a non-profit aphasia center or university clinic, contact us to see if you’re eligible for a free copy of this or any of our other apps. Please tell your friends, colleagues, therapy team, and family about this app if you think they could benefit from it.


What do you think of Number Therapy? Please let us know!