Stroke survivors with aphasia have to work so hard to regain the communication skills they’ve lost. They spend countless hours relearning the names of common items, practicing writing with a new hand, and trying to make sense of printed text. Most early exercises for aphasia center around words: understanding, saying, reading, and writing single words. That’s why our Language Therapy 4-in-1 app is so popular and effective  – it starts with the basic building blocks of communication. But soon it’s time to move beyond the word level, on to phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. These are the combinations of words that link concepts together, communicating complex thoughts and ideas.

Advanced Language Therapy: Four Advanced Apps in One

To help you take your therapy to the next level, we’ve developed four therapeutic apps to work on speaking, understanding, reading, and writing for more complex words, sentences, and paragraphs. And now we’ve combined them into one convenient and money-saving package so you can work on all four areas together.

Advanced Language Therapy combines 14 unique activities in four full apps for thousands of exercises to keep your recovery going:

App 1) Advanced Comprehension Therapy

Practice understanding sentences with three activities to improve listening and reading skills.

  1. Identify: 12 levels of sentence-to-picture matching tasks for auditory or reading comprehension
  2. Build: Hundreds of sentences to assemble
  3. Follow: One, two, and three-step directions to follow to hone attention in listening or reading

App 2) Advanced Naming Therapy

Practice word-finding skills with four activities to improve verbal expression.

  1. Create: Focus on the verb to create sentences structured on the evidence-based VNeST protocol
  2. Generate: Name items in categories as quickly as you can in this generative naming exercise with 2 standardized assessments built in
  3. Compare: Use descriptive language to compare and contrast related concepts in both concrete and abstract pairings
  4. Describe: Laugh as you talk about hundreds of interesting photos that require clear communication to describe

App 3) Advanced Reading Therapy

Practice reading hundreds of passages at the paragraph+ level with comprehension questions and audio support.

  1. Level 1: reading passages top out at 50 words and are written at a Grade 0-1 reading level with 3 comprehension questions
  2. Level 2: a variety of passages with 50-150 words at a Grade 2-3 reading level with 4 questions to test comprehension
  3. Level 3: more complex texts go up to 600 words at a Grade 3-6 reading level with 5 questions each

App 4) Advanced Writing Therapy

Practice typing at the word, sentence, and paragraph levels along with strengthening sound-letter relationships.

  1. Match: Hear a sound and select the letter or letters that go with it, using keywords to support learning phoneme-grapheme correspondence
  2. Spell: Listen to the most common words in English before typing them correctly, with multiple-choice options and copying for support
  3. Type: Key in the 1- to 8- word sentence you hear, copying if needed
  4. Write: Generate your own ideas to answer writing prompts; a word bank is available to help you when you get stuck

Now available on Android! Advanced Language Therapy and Advanced Writing Therapy are now available on Google Play for Android devices.

Try Advanced Language Therapy for FREE!

Download Advanced Language Therapy Lite to try each of the four apps for free. Then purchase all four in Advanced Language Therapy 4-in-1, or purchase only the apps you need.

Download Advanced Language Therapy Lite for FREE

Did You Know? We offer FREE Lite versions of all 8 of our therapy apps meant for home practice. This is to make sure that you’re buying an app that’s right for you. Not sure which apps are appropriate for your needs? Check out our App Finder wizard to answer 2 questions for personalized recommendations.

Special Offer on Advanced Writing Therapy

The newest member of the Advanced Language Therapy family, Advanced Writing Therapy combines four activities to work on sound-letter matching (phoneme-grapheme correspondence), spelling the most common words in English, typing functional sentences to dictation, and writing open-ended answers to everyday writing prompts. Each activity comes with built-in supports to help users become more independent and experience success while working on their own. Of course, the app is also loaded with customizable settings to adapt to any level of difficulty. The reports have an incredible level of detail, and there are thousands of stimuli for endless practice.

If you already have all 3 previously-released Advanced apps (Advanced Naming Therapy, Advanced Comprehension Therapy, and Advanced Reading Therapy), you can get a FREE copy of Advanced Writing Therapy. Here’s how:

  1. Take a screenshot of all 3 Advanced icons on your device (press home and power to save a screenshot to Photos)
  2. Email that screenshot as proof of purchase to with the subject line “Advanced Writing Offer”
  3. Get a promo code for your free copy of Advanced Writing Therapy delivered to your inbox

If you don’t have all 3 but want the new app, you can get Advanced Writing Therapy for just $25 USD. Try it for FREE as part of Advanced Language Therapy Lite.


We’ve spent 3 full years creating this 4-in-1 Advanced app. We’d love to know what you think. Please share your feedback with us, and share this app with your colleagues, aphasia group members, and anyone else who might benefit!