Thank you for following up on my Share & Care presentation at AphasiaAccess Leadership Summit. I hope you enjoyed the conference! Here are some resources to help you better integrate technology into your LPAA therapy:

The Basics

Getting Started with Apps in Speech Therapy: download the e-book or read this 7-part blog series starting with Part 1.

You may also find it helpful to learn how to set goals in aphasia treatment.

If you want some resources to share with your colleagues or clients, look to our What is Aphasia? post, our Primary Progressive Aphasia explanatory post, or our ever-popular Fluent Aphasia blog and viral video (the world has fallen in love with Byron – and he’d love for you to use his story and video in your courses or presentations!).

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Group Therapy using Technology

Here are articles about several aphasia groups that are using technology:

There are other posts about telepractice for aphasia, top resources for aphasia, and even what I didn’t understand about LPAA until the first AphasiaAccess conference. Explore the site to find all the hidden gems (like this one).

Want to share your story? We’re always accepting guest blog posts like these! E-mail me if you’re interested in writing:

Evidence-Based Practice

The How-To series makes it easy to implement evidence-based treatments in therapy, including the use of apps! Here are the aphasia-specific posts:

For more general information on evidence-based practice, look to “Is this App Evidence Based?” Our own Language Therapy 4-in-1 app has evidence behind it and research to show it works!

Apps for Aphasia

The Tactus Therapy apps are great for aphasia therapy, both in the clinic and at home. Learn where to start with our apps. Download the free Lite versions right away, and then get the ones you or your clients need.

Tactus Therapy offers the Aphasia App Bundle so you can save big on all our apps for aphasia in one convenient download on iOS. Check it out!

I go into more detail about apps for aphasia in this popular course from 2015. Aphasia is covered, along with speech and cognition, in this ASHA webinar  (available until April 12, 2017).

I’ll be speaking at ASHA HealthCare Connect in July in New Orleans on “Integrating Apps into Aphasia Therapy”, and Medbridge is producing 2 video courses of me talking about and demonstrating apps for aphasia therapy and apps for communication and connection with aphasia. Look for these later in 2017.

Did you know we offer FREE apps to university clinics and non-profit aphasia centers? It’s true! Just contact us to get your free copies if you qualify.

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-Megan Sutton, MS, CCC-SLP